Intelligence Pending

Name : Kaleb Haize
Age : 20
Birthday : March 3rd
Hair : Naturally dirty blonde, dyed platinum blonde
Eyes : Seafoam-ish
Height : 5'6''
Weight : 143
Top Hats 'R' Us : Rhythm guitar, screamer

Kaleb is the sweetheart, the youngest, and the drunk of Top Hats 'R' Us. The kid's short, or just small in general, and the rest of the band never stops teasing him about it. He and Tyler room together, and he's the one who scrawls something different onto the drummer's forehead every morning. Whatever's on Tyler's forehead usually describes Kaleb's general outlook for the rest of the day, so that's generally the best insight as to his current mood. He can be a bit of a push over and lives to please others, and sometimes the rest of the guys use this to their advantage. They can easily get Kaleb drunk off his ass, and he becomes a spontaneous ball of clumsy energy whenever they manage it. To learn more about Kaleb, read the comic.

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