Intelligence Pending

Fantastic art and some of the wittiest puns I've heard/read in my life. Top of the list.

Once again, fantastic art. A gag strip with a story line and large-breasted women? Oh la la.

Roommates, with a twist. I mean, c'mon. An iMonkey? Crazy stuff.

Sarcasm at its best. *Warning* May infuriate anime/manga lovers.

Video games, cats, and just about the best art I've seen in a gag strip.

Roommates, games, and top-notch jokes. A must-read in the average persn's webcomic repertoire.

Japanese calligraphy lessons and talk of... Abstinance? Oh dear.
Mac Hall
I don't know why I can't find their banners. Oh well. Gaming, roommates, relationships, and just funny stuff all around. One of the funniest out there.
The bunny's just so endearing. I can't help myself.

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