Intelligence Pending

Name : Elizabeth Whitcombe
Age : 19
Birthday : January 23
Hair : Golden brown with blonde highlights
Eyes : Anywhere between green, blue, and gray
Height : 5'5''
Weight : 145
Home to an obsession with Hooters sauce, webcomics, video games, and jaw breakers, Elizabeth seems like a passionate and intense person. After a while, people just realize she's prone to constantly changing phases of obsession. Her empathy and compassion towards her friends make up for the one-way highway that is her attention span, though, and her innocent behavior that's prone to flashes of perversion keeps everyone on their toes. She's amusing in her own endearing way and manages to maintain everyone's attention.

She's currently going to college to become a game programmer. Elizabeth's taken four years of Japanese, and the girl plans on heading over to Japan once she becomes fluent, figuring she'll have quite the advantage over there. Her views are idealistic and incredibly naive most of the time, but she has a cynical view when it comes to her limited interaction with the rest of society. She often mentions how lucky she's been in being able to find such great roommates as Michael and Jacob.

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