Intelligence Pending

Name : Tyler Fredrick Mandin
Age : 26
Birthday : April 23rd
Hair : He's bald, idiot
Eyes : Navy blue
Height : 6'1''
Weight : 203
Top Hats 'R' Us : Drums, "roar-er"

Tyler suffers from alopecia universalis, so he has absolutely no body hair. He has no eyebrows, no chest hair, no leg hair, no ear or nose hair. None of it. The man works out almost obsessively because he realizes that thyroid is a common problem accompanying AU, and he's very self-concious about possibly gaining weight and becoming more fat than he is muscular. He isn't self-concious enough to wear a wig or anything of the sort; as a matter of fact, he rather likes the bald look.

Tyler's the most level-headed and rational of the band, and he's also homosexual. The rest of the guys don't mind, despite the fact that they tease him every once in a while about it. Tyler rooms with Kaleb, and every morning the kid writes something different on his hairless forehead with a sharpie. Although he acts as if this annoys him, Tyler actually likes the attention a bit. He seems uncannily stand-offish and aloof, but he really appreciates praise and affection. Most of the guys silently understand this and give him what he needs.

Side note - Tyler's had a bit of a crush on Kaleb since they moved in together. He keeps it hidden quite well, though.

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